Kat Manning and her dog, from Dog Gone Detectives, followed his path and showed me the area Neil was in, and believe me there are those big burrs there and not close around here. The tracking was the key to us knowing his direction, and giving me a solid logical course to follow. It was a most remarkable undertaking,– rain, slippery black mud, barbed wire, brambles, high grass, huge open fields I never knew were there — I actually got stuck having gotten under a barbed wire fence and right into brambles — the Kat whipped out her clippers, and her son cut me out — They are so prepared, the dog knows exactly what to do, she and he as a team are a well oiled machine. Together they see and sense things that I could only imagine.


Thank you guys so much for coming out! And thank you guys so much for helping us find Brutus! My poor baby! He goes to the vet first thing in the morning, and will probably have stories to tell the ladies about his new battle wounds! 🙁 Just like we all have the fun story of how Bosco (sp?) and Godiva helped hunt down my missing baby boy! Thank you again! 🙂


Kat and Laura did a great job helping me find Tigger. Godiva gave us some great leads, but I think the most helpful was the support I had from them. They helped me make a bunch of noticable signs, post them in the best places, and in 24 hours…Tigger was home again! Thanks SOOOO much!!!


Thank you! Mallory had wandered to an assisted living house within a house or two where Godiva had tracked her.


Hidden In The Burrs

Had Kat and Bosco not come here, I would have gone in the exact opposite direction to search — and would have been wrong. The type of burrs on his coat tell me that for sure.

Mr. Peepers

My baby dog, Mr. Peepers, had been missing for almost five days in the cold and rainy weather when I called Dog-Gone Detectives. Kat, Armand, and Bosco were here the next morning. Bosco immediately picked up my dog’s scent and went straight to the area that my dog was last spotted. I had already put up flyers and handed them to everyone I saw in that area, but with no results. As Bosco was searching, a police officer stopped and asked what we were looking for. We told them my lost dog. The officer then told us that a dog had been rescued from a water-filled ditch about two blocks from where Bosco was searching. The rescuers had taken my dog to the SPCA. I went there, and there was my poor little FOUND doggie. I believe with all my heart, had I not called Dog-Gone Detectives to come and search for my dog, I might never had gotten him back. He was scheduled to go up for adoption that same day. We had searched that same area several times and not once had any police ask us what we were looking for. I know it was the presence of that WON Brutus


They saw her out yesterday around 1:00 pm!!! After they saw a sign, they backed up and grabbed her for me!! 🙂 She had been outside by herself for two days so that little rascal is a tiny survivor! She was exhausted and lathargic when they found her, so I fed her, loved her and slept better last night than I have for a while 🙂 The road she was wondering on was just on the other side of that big drainage ditch and all that bamboo the guy told us about. The amazing thing they said is that there are racoons in there the size of cocker spaniels all around there. They couldve mauled little molly but her angels protected her and she found her way back to me with their help 🙂 Please give Godiva a huge hug and kiss for me! I love that baby girl. She deserves to chase as many leaves and bugs as she wants!!! 🙂 What she does with her life is remarkable and you and Laura are my heroes. Danna & Molly


I used Dog Gone Detectives to find my baby girl (Desi the greyhound). They tracked her to a specific area of town so I knew where to put up fliers. The day after my friends and I put fliers on the surrounding houses, I received a call that call that lead me straight to my Desi. Without the help of Dog Gone Detectives, I may never have papered that neighborhood. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Lost Downtown

Kat and Godiva did an amazing job of helping us locate our tiny yorkie in downtown. They took us to where she had been picked up, which was 2 miles from where she got out of the car. We found her a couple hours later 200 yards from where Godiva took us. A homeless man had picked her up and put her in his buggy. So, after three days of being lost in downtown we got our baby back. Thank you so much to Kat and Godiva!!! We never would have found her without their help. Mallory


I tell everyone who will listen about Laura, Kat and Godiva finding our missing foster Sheltie, Graham! I went from skeptic to believer in 3 hours! Thank you!

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